Jankos pulls back curtain on new teammates and transition to Heretics

If you ask him, things are going pretty well.

Heretics new jungler Jankos made comments on stream over the weekend as to how the early period with his teammates has been unfolding.

The LEC team officially started practicing together a few days ago and will be scrimming other teams in the coming weeks, according to Jankos. The winter season of the new League of Legends EMEA Championship begins on a yet-unannounced date in January. That will be the first test for the lineup as part of Riot Games new competitive format for the region.

The Heretics roster is an interesting amalgamation of different parts. The longtime LEC veteran is the squad’s cornerstone in the jungle, finding a new home after five seasons spent with G2 Esports. The org picked up support Mersa after he spent last year with Misfits Gaming. AD carry Jackspektra is getting his first shot on the LEC stage and the org obtained two imports for the solo lanes: veteran Japanese top laner Evi and journeyman Korean mid laner Ruby.

As expected from a completely new team, there have been some growing pains, according to Jankos.

Evi speaks English, but he still needs confidence and he needs to study a little bit more, but you can communicate with him and hes a fast learner, Jankos said.

Jankos also revealed that he believes all of his new teammates are very nice, if not a little shy. According to him, Mersa is the most reserved outside of the game while Ruby is more talkative than most Korean imports he has interacted with.

[Jackspektra] speaks a lot as well, Evi too. I mean everyone speaks a lot honestly. I think everyone is kind of chilling, Jankos said.

While its still very early and theres time before the 2023 LEC Winter Split starts, it appears that Heretics are already well on their way to building strong team camaraderie.

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