Jankos highlights who he thinks is the strongest LEC team on paper

Jankos had high praise for his former team.

Earlier today, former G2 Esports jungler Jankos went through a rundown of all 10 of the LECs rumored rosters ahead of the 2023 season on his personal livestream.

After looking at each roster, all of which were consolidated into a table formed by independent League journalist Brieuc Seeger, Jankos came to the conclusion that his former team, G2, looks like the best team heading into next year. 

In my opinion, G2 looks like the strongest roster on paper, Jankos said of his old squad. Heading into next season, G2 will reportedly sport a lineup that features returning players in BrokenBlade and Caps, and a new, veteran pairing in the bottom lane of Hans Sama and Mikyx. ERL-level jungler Yike was also reported to make his LEC debut with G2 next year, according to multiple reports. 

Jankos announced he would not be returning to G2 earlier this offseason and has been on the hunt for a new team for the last three weeks. While he is still under contract with the organization, the buyout price that G2 set for his contract was reportedly too high for other teams, leaving organizations to opt for more budget-friendly options at the jungle position. 

Despite having high praise for G2s new iteration, Jankos went on to quickly interrupt himself, saying that you can argue that back in 2021, G2 also looked like the strongest roster on paper.

That year, G2 put together a roster with World Championship expectations by bringing in AD carry Rekkles in the preseason. Although the team was poised to win it all that year after making the top four at Worlds in three prior consecutive seasons, Jankos, Rekkles, and the rest of 2021 G2 failed to qualify for the tournament altogether. 

After failing to advance past the group stage at Worlds this season, G2 will begin its 2023 LEC run in January. 

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