Jankos explains why Rekkles and Wunder might not work on the same League team again

This is their second chance to prove everyone wrong.

Martin Wunder Nordahl Hansen and Martin Rekkles Larsson might spend the upcoming season 13 fighting under the same bannerthe Fnatic banner. These two Martins played in 2021 together as a part of the main G2 Esports League of Legends team who failed to find success during the regular split. Hearing the news that Rekkles is reportedly joining Fnatic and he might play alongside Wunder once again, Marcin Jankos Jankowski explained why these two players might not work on the same team again.

Since Jankos will officially become a free agent on Nov. 21, he traveled to South Korea, where hes climbing in the solo queue and trying to prove his more than just a washed-up veteran. Other than that, Jankos has been loyally following roster changes happening in both Europe and North America. Upon hearing Rekkles and Wunder might play on the same team once again, Jankos recollected their days in G2 and explained why this might not work.

Both of them were good at adapting for the team, so to speak. But neither of them really wanted to play a carry Maybe the support will change things, Jankos said. 

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Although Jankos definitely has insight we could never have, theres a possibility that both Rekkles and Wunder evolved in the meantime, and they might be able to pick up the weight of a carry role. Other than that, they will now have on their team Iván Razork Martín Díaz and Marek Humanoid Brázda, that are more than capable of putting on their carry pants.

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