Jankos, Broxah, top League streamers fight to be the best low-Elo stompers in Climbathon challenge

Who will climb the highest?

Season 13 in League of Legends began on Jan. 10, and to celebrate some pro players and streamers are participating in a climbing challenge.

Climbathon 2023 is the name of the challenge and the mission is to climb the highest during the first 14 days of the ranked season. Some of the biggest names participating include former pro player and Team Liquid’s streamer Broxah, Team Heretics’ Jankos, Gen.G content creator Nemesis, and Fnatic’s Upset.

The goal is simple: Following the ranked reset, which happened on Jan. 10 with Patch 13.1, the participants start their journey to climb the highest during the first 14 days of the season. After the reset, all of them are unranked at the beginning, making the race fair.

You can check the standings on the Climbathon 2023 site. It features the current position in the race of every player, a link to their streams, the results they have gathered so far, and their current ranking.

With the race beginning on Jan. 11, a few hours after the patch has gone live, it’s tough to predict who will prevail and come out victorious. With players like Broxah and Nemesis, who can fully devote their time to climbing the ladder, they seem like the obvious favorites.

Names like Jankos and Bo shouldn’t be underestimated, though, despite them most likely having to focus on the scrims ahead of the 2023 LEC Winter Season, which begins on Jan. 21.

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