Jamppi backs himself after TL make VCT Champions playoffs: ‘I feel confident with my OP skills… my team trusts me’

Being a sniper is no easy feat, yet the Fin remains confident.

Team Liquid’s Jamppi is back to his comfort zone after his team’s recent success at VALORANT Champions 2022, and he’s letting the gaming world know.

The 21-year-old doesn’t shy away from expressing his confidence, which once again skyrocketed after Team Liquid defeated Paper Rex in group A’s decider match. The European roster qualified for Champions playoffs as a result.

“I feel confident with my OP skills and my team trusts me with the OP,” Jamppi said in a post-match press conference, via esports.gg. After yesterday’s showcase of brilliance from the Fin, it’s tough to be surprised by Jamppi’s confidence.

In the series against Paper Rex, Jamppi was the best player on the server.

He boasted the highest Average Combat Score with a 276 ratio, only by playing Chamber, according to VALORANT stat site, VLR.GG. Furthermore, Jamppi recorded the highest kills to deaths ratio with +23 and the highest average damage with 176 points.

Being an Operator player is no easy feat nowadays, though Jamppi believes there are a lot of pros that can handle the task pretty well. “I think there are a lot of good OP players. I think all of the top ones can hit the shots,” he explained.

The Finnish VALORANT star added, “positioning and when to peak and when not to” are pivotal aspects of being a top-tier OP player.

The job’s not done for Liquid and Jamppi, however. After qualifying for playoffs, they have another tough challenge ahead of them in the form of OpTic, who will be their rivals in the upper bracket VCT Champions quarterfinals.

The huge VALORANT series is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 10.

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