Jackeylove carries Top Esports to victory over ThunderTalk in 2022 LPL Summer Split 

Quadrakill! Pentakill! Jackeylove was a monster today

In todays LPL series, Top Esports played patiently and looked to capitalize on their advantages, while ThunderTalk Gamings aggression could be seen in both games. But it clearly didn’t work out in favor of ThunderTalk as TES outmaneuvered them to secure a 2-0 series win. 

Although ThunderTalk was able to secure early kills in both of their games, they were not able to convert it into a snowballing lead. On the other hand, TES timed their skirmishes perfectly. They secured map objectives after picking off the enemy champions. 

Still, the matches between the two teams were quite close. In game one, ThunderTalk was toe-to-toe with TES. But losing the Baron fight and giving Jackeyloves Sivir a quadra kill gave their opponents too much of a lead. TES used the momentum and successfully destroyed ThunderTalks Nexus to secure a win.

Jackeylove performed spectacularly on his Jinx in game two. Although ThunderTalk were able to defend and stretch out the game, their underfed champions could not mount up to the opponents late-game onslaught. In the fight for the third Baron, Jackeyloves Jinx picked up a penta kill, crushing ThunderTalks comeback hope, and registering a back-to-back win for his team.

While their aggressiveness allows them plenty of opportunities to engage, ThunderTalk needs to work on its team coordination. Today, they looked lost after jumping into teamfights, allowing TES to pick them apart one champion at a time. They will be facing LGD Gaming next on Aug. 3 from 3.45am CT.

With this win, TES now have a 12-1 record and will share the top spot of the 2022 LPL Summer Split table with JDG. Their next matchup against LGD Gaming will be held on Aug. 5 from 3.45am CT. 

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