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J.X.Tiger wins Clash of Clans World Championship August qualifier

Four teams at the 2021 World Finals have now been locked in.

J.X.Tiger became the fourth team to qualify for the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals 2021 after winning the August qualifier today.

The team came into the qualifier as the first seeds and didnt disappoint. They took down Tortilla Tavataan and N.Y Amazing in the upper bracket finals to make it to the grand final, where they squared off against N.Y. Amazing again.

The results from their previous encounter didnt change, however, and the matchup ended with another dominating victory from J.X.Tiger. The team got four five-star attacks. Their fifth and final attack on N.Y Amazings bases would have been a three-star as well, if not for the timer running out.

In the end, they managed 14 stars from five attacks with an average damage of 99.8 percent. N.Y Amazing, on the other hand, got three stars and an average damage of 98.8 percent.

The August qualifier wasn’t a completely smooth affair, though, since one team had to be disqualified. In the lower bracket finals between N.Y Amazing and Inquisition, one of the players from the latter team disconnected from the integrity camera during the match. All players and their devices must appear on a webcam in the qualifiers to ensure competitive integrity. Since the player disconnected, Inquisition was disqualified and N.Y Amazing moved onto the finals.

Other than J.X.Tiger, three more teams have already qualified for the 2021 World Finals. These are ATN.aTTax, Tompinai Empire, and QueeN Walkers. Two more teams will be decided through the September and October qualifiers.

With a second-place finish, N.Y Amazing have qualified to the last chance qualifier, scheduled for after the main qualifiers. In the competition, 10 teams will battle to decide the final two squads at the World Championship Finals. MCES, Team Elevate, and Carnage Gaming are the other teams that have earned a ticket to the LCQ.

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