‘I’ve got proof:’ TimTheTatman is sold on mythical Warzone 2 ‘skill-based hit registration’

The tin foil hat is on.

In addition to skill-based matchmaking, which has more or less been proven in Warzone 2, fans have suspected the battle royale title also has a shadow feature they have started calling skill-based hit registration.

Essentially, it refers to the idea that it becomes harder for players to hit enemies with bullets if theyve racked up several wins in quick succession, to handicap them.

Its one of those things people say to make excuses for themselves when tilting. That might have been the case with TimTheTatman during his YouTube stream on Jan. 17, but hes convinced its real.

The streamer said he has proof too, pointing towards a gunfight he lost, and is now convinced its a real thing. I can’t believe what just happened to me in that last gunfight, he said. It’s unreal. I didn’t miss a bullet and he didn’t get hit.

Tim couldnt shake it off. He analyzed the incident again later on-stream and refused to believe every shot missed. He insisted the crosshair was on the enemys head. That is crazy. Something ain’t right. I do have bad aim sometimes, but that ain’t right.

The jury is out on whether skill-based hit registration is actually a thing, but TimTheTatman is a believernow more than everbecause hes experienced it for himself, or so he thinks. His fans were split on it, though. Some agreed, claiming theyve experienced it from time to time, while others said it was most likely something else, such as a hitbox issue.

Either way, the tin foil hat is on Tims head, and the discussion about whether it exists will likely continue now a streamer as popular as him has brought it to light.

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