‘It’s unplayable’: Apex Legends players claim server issues are plaguing the game

The season apparently brought some unresolved issues.

Apex Legends‘ latest season Revelry released a month ago, bringing a series of balance changes and new content to discover.

Like any major patch, however, it also brought an array of bugs. But despite Respawn Entertainment fixing most of the issues, the servers have been struggling to cope over the past week, according to players on social media and the support forums.

Apex is unplayable,” the latest Reddit thread on the matter is titled.

“I just have this problem just on Apex. Is it the server or just my ISP I really can’t tell,” the top-voted comment said. A number of players confirmed they have also been experiencing the same issues since the new season released, and it’s only getting worse over the past week.

Players have complained about getting unexplained lag in games, resulting in early deaths and loss of points when playing ranked matches, even though the issue isn’t on their end. They are now begging Respawn to correctly identify when players get server lag and prevent them from losing points in ranked, as well as from receiving timeouts and bans.

In addition to that, reports of players receiving Error Code 110 have been multiplying over the past weeks. It prevents players from logging in to their EA accounts, and the corresponding fix has yet to be found.

Some other issues have also arisen in the game since the release of the Imperial Guard Collection Event earlier this month.

The reward tracker is bugged for some players, and the developer had to introduce a hotfix shortly after the event started due to other reward issues. It looks like the reward tracker is stuck at 1,250 points for many players. Meanwhile, Apex fans have until March 21 to collect free rewards and buy exclusive skins as part of the Collection Event.

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