‘It’s not indecision’: League of Legends developer explains why Riot keeps changing Senna’s soul rate

Senna's passive is getting changed again in the next patch.

Another massive update is on the horizon for League of Legends. Following Patch 12.10, in which the Riot developers strengthened champion durability, comes a series of balance changes across the board.

One of the champions under Riot’s scope in Patch 12.11 is Senna. The Redeemer is set to have the damage and slow on her Piercing Darkness (Q) lowered as well as the soul drop rate from minion kills on her Absolution (Passive) increased from 2.166 percent to 8.33 percent, according to the latest patch preview.

August Browning, the lead game designer, explained the reasoning behind the changes on League’s subreddit.

In the comment section in a post about the upcoming changes, someone asked why Riot is updating Senna’s soul drop rate again. August replied that it’s not due to “indecision” and that it’s rather “a simple lever to tune ADC vs. support winrates.” He followed by comparing it to jungle changes. “Similar to jungle damage values and base stats on other champs,” he explained.

With the drop rate of souls being increased on minion kills, it’s clear that the devs are attempting to increase her pick and win rates as an AD carry. The champion isn’t the strongest marksman in the game at the moment. With a 49.88 percent win rate and 0.5 percent pick rate in the position, according to League stat site U.GG, she leaves much to be desired.

On the other hand, Senna is one of the best support champions. She has a 52.98 percent win rate and an eye-watering 18.6 percent pick rate (the highest among supports). She also has a massive 28.5 percent ban rate, the third-highest in the game at the time of writing.

But it’s no secret that Riot likes to play around with Senna balance changes. Her passive was tweaked in Patch 12.3, Patch 11.17, Patch 11.11, and Patch 11.5.

Patch 12.11, which will include the changes to Senna, is expected to go live on Wednesday, June 8.

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