‘It’s kind of stupid:’ ImperialHal is convinced one Apex weapon is ‘broken’ after season 16 update

He's not the only one.

As one of the most seasoned Apex Legends pros in the scene, ImperialHals opinions and insights on the meta bear a lot of weight, especially when its right after the launch of a new season.

The TSM star has been busy grinding games on his Twitch stream to see what the season 16 changes are all about. That includes trying the new weapon, the Nemesis AR, which is already proving to be effective.

Its a little too effective for ImperialHals liking, though. After decimating a lobby with it and clutching a win, he said its broken to the point where its kind of stupid. His teammates MNK and Verhulst agreed.

ImperialHal did elaborate on why he thinks its broken, but its likely due to how much damage it can cause in a short amount of time. It can crack red shields in three to four bursts.

ImperialHal isnt the only pro who feels that way. IiTzTimmy last week said it felt significantly better than the Hemlok the first time he used it, and the more he used it, he realized it was way too strong.

At this stage, it looks like the season 16 meta will revolve around it unless a nerf happens soon. If it does end up being as overpowered as they claim it is in the long run, that seems likely.

Meanwhile, two legendsNewcastle and Gibraltarare also shaping up to be strong. Team compositions will likely include either of them paired with Watson or Caustic and a nimble legend.

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