It’s a trap: Teemo player outsmarts opponents with time-wasting outplay

"That's gotta sting."

There are many annoying champions to play against in League of Legendsand Teemo is certainly one of them.

Two players recently got to experience what it feels like to play against Teemo. In a clip posted on League’s subreddit, Akali and Kayn spent a little over two minutes to find the Swift Scout, allowing his team to take other advantages over the map.

Teemo’s passive, Guerrilla Warfare, allows the champion to become invisible if he stands still for a while. But when he enters a brush, he can move through it while being invisible, making it tough for opponents to spot him and target him with any point-and-click abilities.

That’s exactly what happened in the clip above. When he spotted the danger approaching, Teemo quickly ran to the brush and tried his best to dodge Kayn and Akali’s abilities. His efforts paid off. At one point the enemies seemed to have given up, with Akali pushing the lane and Kayn recalling.

Despite his heroic dodges, Teemo was eventually killed by Akali. Still, since he entered the brush, two minutes had passed and Teemo’s teammates managed to grab victories on the other parts of the map, including two kills in the bot lane. T

In the end, the play was worth it since the Swift Scout still earned experience and wasted a lot of time.

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