It’s a scam! MoistCr1tikal weighs in on Magic’s $999-anniversary booster packs

WotC marketing fails as more content creators speak out against the 30-year MTG anniversary edition product.

Wizards of the Coast continues to upset gamers with the release of Magic: The Gathering’s 30-year anniversary $999 booster packs, with MoistCr1tikal calling out the organization over its outrageous price point and marketing tactics. 

The MTG community was outraged following the reveal of the 30-year anniversary booster packs. Packaged as a collector box with four booster packs that contained a possible Power Nine card from the Reserve List, WotC priced this proxy non-tournament legal set of cards at $999. Marketing from WotC shifted from MTG community members like Brian Kibler and Olivia Gobert-Hicks to other card game content creators, prompting MoistCr1tikal to voice his opinions on the subject.  

Last week a Yu-Gi-Oh! YouTube content creator named Ruxin34 ran a sponsored video opening the 30-year MTG anniversary $999 booster packs, showcased in a Jake and Joel video, as the original video from Ruxin34 has since been taken down. The outrage over WotC switching up marketing techniques caught MoistCr1tikal’s attention with him addressing the situation during a stream over the weekend. 

“Reprinting the Power Nine and like Beta cards Black Lotus, that’s cool,” said MoistCr1tikal. “What’s not cool is charging a thousand dollars for four packs.”

Many MTG community members called out WotC for sponsoring an opening through Ruxin34’s channel since it was apparent that the Yu-Gi-Oh content creator was unaware of the product and its outrageous price point. This led to Ruxin34 dropping a video titled “I made a huge mistake,” in which he apologizes for promoting a product that’s “most likely a scam.”

Hasbro stock plummeted last week following a report from Bank of America and hasn’t recovered much since. This also caught the attention of MoistCr1tikal, calling out the stock drop by saying “Transformers ain’t popping like it used to,” which is ironic since the recently released The Brothers’ War set contains Transformers cards in its set and collector booster packs. 

The official release of the MTG 30-year anniversary edition is slated to take place on Nov. 28, through a WotC website. And the price for the box containing four booster packs packed with proxies is still $999. 

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