It’ll rain buffs for top laners, Samira, Jinx, and Fizz in LoL Patch 13.5

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Believe it or not, we are already waiting for the fifth League of Legends patch this year. In this round of buffs and nerfs, Riot Games is blessing top laners with buffs, namely Kennen, Aatrox, Tryndamere, and Rumble. Aside from them, LeBlanc, Samira, Jinx, and Fizz are bound for buffs. 

In his tweet on Feb. 27, lead League designer, Matt Leung-Harrison, better known as Riot Phroxzon, showcased the list of changes that are slowly getting ready to first hit the PBE servers and then live servers on March 8.

Aside from the much-awaited Yuumi rework and necessary Gangplank nerfs, Patch 13.5 will buff Kennen, Aatrox, Tryndamere, Rumble, LeBlanc, Samira, Jinx, Fizz, and battle mage-favorite itemCosmic Drive.

It is hard to pinpoint in which direction League move after Patch 13.5 goes live, but we may assume that if we pair these buffs with nerfs to kill the experience and buffs to scaling, Kennen and Tryndamere will have a good time in the top lane. 

Although the buff light shines on these champions, the real highlight of this patch are the major jungle changes. With these changes, the balancing team is heavily buffing gold per camp and removing enemy jungle damage reduction. So, to say the least, jungle meta will be diverse starting with Patch 13.5.

While we wait for Patch 13.5, check out our full list of early changes for Patch 13.5.

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