It was all a hoax: Sway returns to FaZe Clan just 3 days after social media stunt

His unexpected departure from the org was just an elaborate prank.

When Sway departed from FaZe Clan on Sept. 13, the unexpected announcement surprised many fans. No further explanation was provided by either Sway or FaZe Clan then. But it turns out that everything was a part of an elaborate social media stunt. 

At that time, all fans got was a cryptic im done and left @fazeclan tweets from Sway. He then went on to change his Twitter profile picture and banner to a completely black image followed by changing his name to done. Sway also went completely silent on all his social media accounts.

But just three days after his mysterious departure, Sway tweeted that he has rejoined FaZe Clan today. 

He also attached a video with this tweet. It shows him lying down in a medical pod/chamber where doctors are monitoring his vital signs. We then see them administering the GHOST energy drink and Sway soon wakes up, becoming The Perfect Gamer.

The video concludes with the words re-introducing FaZe Sway while also announcing his upcoming new merch Sway Series II.

Sway is back on FaZe Clans roster after this publicity stunt. But many people have criticized him for his attention-seeking tactics. 

Sway was 15 years old when he joined FaZe Clan in 2019. He was the youngest content creator to join the organization.

Since then, he has risen up to become a popular Fortnite streamer. His YouTube channel is nearing 4 million subscribers while his Instagram and Twitter handles have over 3 million and 1.5 million followers respectively.

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