It should take players 41 hours to ‘beat’ VALORANT according to Xbox Game Pass

But what does it mean?!?

Well, this is interesting. It turns out you can “beat” VALORANT. This may come as a surprise to players who have put thousands of hours into the game and have never hit the finish line, but according to the game’s new listing on Xbox Game Pass, it should have happened around the 41-hour mark.

For those unaware, VALORANT is among other Riot Games titles that “arrived” on the Game Pass service earlier this month. Of course, games like VALORANT, League of Legends, and other Riot titles are free-to-play, but Game Pass subscribers can unlock instant access to all characters, XP boosts, and a handful of other perks.

Every game on the Xbox app for PC has a built-in “how long to beat” section that embeds data from the game’s listing on the HowLongToBeat website. While League of Legends takes roughly over 1,000 hours to beat just the “main story” and nearly 2,500 hours to fully complete it, VALORANT requires much less time, only needing 41 hours.

Now obviously as a multiplayer tactical shooter with no campaign or end-game content, you can’t really “beat” VALORANT. But where does this 41 hours number come from? The number on the Xbox app is somehow even more confusing after looking at the game’s HowLongToBeat page. The average time of polled players says over 58 hours, and the top of the page itself says 98 hours.

On top of that, there’s really no definitive definition of what it means to beat VALORANT as there would be for most single-player games with a campaign or story mode. Does it mean unlocking all agents manually through contracts? Or the time it takes to get all the way up to Radiant? Or the time needed to fully level up a battle pass?

No one knows what it means at the end of the day, but don’t be discouraged if you’ve played for more than 41 hours and don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. That’s just VALORANT for you.

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