It only took a day for Apex Legends players to figure out how to move Catalyst’s ultimate around

Forget Dark Veil. Welcome to Flying Veil.

The newest character in Apex Legends, Catalyst, has abilities that place physical objects onto the battlefield around her. So, naturally, many Apex players wondered how those objects would interact with other objects placed on the field at the same timeand if some interesting or broken interactions might occur.

It took them only a day to figure out that Catalysts Dark Veil ultimate forms a goofy-looking doorway when it runs over some abilities. You can move it around, too.

Crypto was always going to be the most likely culprit for pulling off something like this. His drone has been the subject of many hotfixes and balance patches thanks to its ability to fly around, among other things, Rampart while on the emplaced version of her Sheila ultimate back in season seven. Now, it appears that putting the drone in the line of a Dark Veil will keep a good portion of that Dark Veil stuck to the drone, no matter where it flies or what angle it turns.

But thats not the only ability that has some wonky interactions with Dark Veil. Gibraltar and Newcastles respective tactical abilities also make the Veil do strange things.

While Gibraltars Dome of Protection forms a sizable doorway through the Veil, Newcastles Mobile Shield will take a portion of it for a ride, similar to Crypto.

Now, the portion of the Veil that is actually moved around by these abilities is pretty negligible, meaning that its not particularly useful for its primary purpose of obscuring enemy vision and discouraging potential pushes. But its possible that a drone wielding a patch of the Dark Veil could intentionally run the Veil into enemies, blinding them and even slowing them.

Obviously, that would be directly contrary to the Veils intended use, and this will all probably get patched as soon as Respawn can figure out a valid way to do it. In the meantime, beware of Crypto drones out there. They just might have a wall of black goop attached to them.

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