It looks like Roadhog can still one-shot kill with his hook in Overwatch 2, actually

Rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

It appears that Roadhog’s one-shot kill hook combo is still alive in Overwatch 2, despite a hefty nerf in a recent patch.

Yesterday’s OW2 update nerfed Roadhog’s ability to easily land one-shot kills on squishy heroes, or so many players thought. The balance patch reduced the impact damage of his hook while also nerfing the damage of his Scrap Gun in an attempt to heavily reduce his one-shot kill potential.

The nerf seems to have worked, but the one-shot kill combo is still there. The combo is still possible, as shown in the video in the Reddit post above, but it requires a bit more work and a lot more precision than before. And probably some luck, too.

In the video, posted on the Overwatch Reddit, the player shows off Roadhog’s new one-shot kill by hooking the foe, quickly looking upwards just a bit, stepping forward, shooting the scrap gun for a full headshot, and meleeing all as fast as possible. It’s a lot of work for one big hog.

Obviously, the main caveat here is that the combo is being done in the practice range on bots who are not moving or attempting to defend themselves. In a live setting against actual players, the combo is way harder to pull off, but it’s still there.

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The key to the new combo is when the player looks into the air, which pulls the player slightly off the ground and prevents them from moving right away and allowing Roadhog to close the distance and try and go in for the kill.

Your results may vary, but it seems like the combo is still viable, albeit not nearly as easy as before.

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