Is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 releasing on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch?

This chapter continues the story from Poppy Playtime.

Poppy Playtime is an indie horror game that sets players in one of their worst nightmares. Trapped in a toy factory at night, players must navigate their way around toys that have come to life and have a serious blood lust. The first chapter of this game saw players find themselves in the toy factory and begin to understand the main plot. It also familiarized them with the layout of the factory and how they can escape the toys that are out to get them.

With the first chapter being a success with fans, the developers at MOB Games Studios decided to release the second chapter. Chapter Two continues the story of Poppy Playtime, which means even more encounters with the terrifying toys of the factory.

This chapter is originally for PC players only, similar to how the first chapter was released. While the first chapter never released on console, players are wondering if Chapter Two will be changing up the formula.

Unfortunately for any PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch users, Poppy Playtime currently has no plans to schedule a release for consoles. The developers are fully committed to ensuring the PC release of the game is stable and has the support required to ensure it stays that way. Also, this gives the developers time to deliver updates and any additional content for Chapter Two.

After the PC version is stable, the developers could begin working on a port for the various consoles. It’s unclear if the game will launch on all of the three major consoles yet, but it seems likely that at least one or two of the systems will see a release of Poppy Playtime at some point in the future. When exactly that will be is up in the air as of right now.

One route the developers could take is selling the entirety of Poppy Playtime as a whole on consoles. This means that console players would have to wait until both Chapters Two and Three are launched. When that happens, the developers could bundle all of the Poppy Playtime chapters and sell them that way instead of having console players buy each episode like PC players have to do currently.

Of course, this would mean Poppy Playtime’s console port would cost more than the $10 per episode that the game sells for on PC as of right now. It’s likely that all three chapters would cost $20 to $30 if they are bundled together.

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