IRL Kid Invoker: SEA pubstar reaches Immortal rank in Dota 2 at just 12 years old

Could he be taking Dota 2 as an elective?

Dota 2 is one of the most competitive games in the MOBA genre. While it takes no effort to launch the game, climbing Dota 2s ranked ladder can take an immense level of commitment, unless you are born with a gift like RISHI RAIN GAMING, a 12-year-old who reached Immortal rank in the SEA server.

The news of the young Filipino “pubstar” took off after Torte De Lini, a dedicated guide creator for Dota 2, shared a clip of the player as he was landing the final hits on the enemy throne.

As the math ended, Rishi was warmed with the joy of seeing the Immortal rank message. At the age of 12, Rishi accumulated over 5,400 MMR in arguably the most difficult Dota 2 server to play in due to language barriers.

At the start of 2022, two-time TI winner Topson decided to move to the SEA region, and ended up losing 2,000 MMR as he was trying to settle into the server. The legendary mid laner described SEA as chaotic where everyone played their own minigame, which makes Rishi’s accomplishment even more remarkable.

The youngster found a way to thrive in one of the most competitive Dota 2 servers while still attending school, according to his Facebook fan page. It looks like Rishi also has the same strong mentality toward his studies as he recently shared a photo captioned lets grind at school.

Given his level of talent at age 12, Rishi might be looking at a bright Dota 2 future if he continues to improve.

Some of the most iconic Dota 2 stars, like SumaiL, were recruited to top-tier teams only at the age of 16, and Rishi could potentially set the bar lower with his pace.

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