Invictus Gaming is the latest org to leave Apex esports, citing a lack of sustainability

Another tier-one org drops out in a worrying trend for the future of professional play.

The 2023 ALGS Split One Playoffs saw North America dominate with TSM and NRG taking first and second place, respectively. EMEA found itself as the second-best region, despite missing key players and teams due to travel restrictions and visa issues. But despite many teams interest in bouncing back for the second half of the competitive year, one cornerstone of EMEA has decided to leave because of a known issue plaguing the scene.

Invictus Gaming is exiting professional Apex Legends after three years, the org announced today, releasing its roster of Cameron noiises Walker, Jake Jmw Walters, Martin Graceful Wongphrom, and substitute Brrynn brynn Corbet.

IG first joined Apex on Aug. 29, 2021, by signing the roster of Endeavour, who previously placed sixth in the 2021 EMEA Split One Championship. Internationally, IG found varying levels of success, finishing 31st in the 2022 Split Two Playoffs and 19th in the following Championship. After qualifying for the 2023 Split One Playoffs with a sixth-place domestic finish in the Pro League, IG dropped out of their last tournament in 30th place, eliminated in the second round of the losers bracket.

IGs departure sets a worrying trend for EMEA, as well as the rest of the competitive scene. Multiple North American organizations have left in the past split, including Team Liquid, G2 Esports, Cloud9, and Spacestation Gaming. Currently, 10 of the 30 EMEA teams set to participate in Split Two are unsigned rosters, with only one new organization entering EMEA since Split One.

Past Championship events included Team Shop skins, where a portion of each bundles sales went to the participating organizations. IGs statement lines up with previous teams who have spoken out against EAs lack of support for the ALGS and their subsequent decision to leave altogether. Liquids CEO, Steve Arhancet, included in the org’s farewell post that TL strives to only participate in games where the developers support the teams, so the teams can support the players in turn. SSGs CEO, Shawn Pellerin, tweeted that without a fair rev share partnership to help with sustainability its hard to justify continuing to invest.

Noiises, Jmw, Graceful, and their coach Anna currently retain IGs spot in the EMEA Pro League for Split Two, with noiises expressing interest in individual offers on prospective teams. Fans can watch the future of IGs roster on the ALGS official Twitch and YouTube channels when Split Two begins on March 11.

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