Infinity Ward teases major Gulag change in Warzone 2 season 2

Mano a mano.

For a long while, Call of Duty players have been vocal about their distaste for the Gulag system in Warzone 2, and how players are pitted against each other in 2v2 combat. If you find yourself rolling your eyes when you get paired up with a random teammate in the Gulag, some good news is on its way.

Infinity Ward has confirmed that in season two of Warzone 2, players will get the return of 1v1’s in the Gulag, after “making several changes based on what [they] have heard from the player community.” The developers are also planning to share plenty of other details on the game’s new updates in a deep-dive blog, which should feature the new Gulag system, looting, and loadouts.

Over the course of the season, fans and popular content creators raised complaints about the current Gulag system, and how a 2v2 mode is too much of a toss-up when it comes to getting a second chance at life.

The biggest concern, by far, was the chance of getting a teammate that didn’t match their aggression level or playstyle, often forcing one of the partners into a 1v2 situation that is very difficult to win. It also didn’t help that a new AI combatant named the Jailer was added to the Gulag, mixing even more uncertainty into the mix.

In a 1v1 fight, the only person that a player can rely on is themselves, making it the perfect way to prove your worthiness for the battlefield. This changealong with other adjustments that the team had to makeled to a delayed start for Warzone 2‘s second season, but with more time at hand, fans are hoping that the popular battle royale will rise back to its former glory soon.

Jump onto the sandy dunes of Al Mazrah when the second season of Warzone 2 begins on Feb. 15.

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