Infinity Ward rolls out AR nerfs, perk changes, and more in Modern Warfare 2 Beta week 2 update

This is the most modern Modern Warfare yet.

Infinity Wards Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta has gone off without a hitch, with fans enjoying every second of quick-paced, killstreak-heavy gameplay that players have come to love over the franchise’s lifetime.

Theres always something that is slightly overpowered or doesnt add to the overall gameplay experience that CoD fans enjoy, however.

Thats where new updates come in and spice up the meta, changing recoil patterns, grenade damage, perk changes, and even small map details that can change callouts. 

The beta started Sept. 17 and has already seen updates that intend to quell any dramas regarding any overpowered weapons and annoying spots on maps.

What changes were in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta update?

Heres a list of all the changes in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Update:


  • Sariff Bay and Said were added to the map pool.
  • Valderas Museum is back in the map pool following fixes to lighting
  • Patched various geo on Farm 18, Breenburgh Hotel, and Mercado Las Almas


  • While the game modes were fun and intense, there was a large-scale battle feeling missing from the title, thats where a fan favorite game mode, Ground War, is back in action. A 32-vs-32 battle, featuring new vehicles and dynamic combat.
  • Invasion was added to the list of game modes. Two teams of 20 players and 20 AI on large maps fight it out with a wide selection of vehicles and fun to be had.
  • Third-person Moshpit is back once more for Weekend two.



  • The earning rates for perks will remain the same. As soon as all platforms are in the mix, their earn rates will increase significantly.


  • Footstep noise will be decreased at a further distance. Players will need to be closer to hear any footsteps.
  • The slide sounds have been mixed to be more in-line with other movements.
  • Ally’s footsteps have been softened compared to enemies, making it easier to hear enemies coming.
  • Adjustments to the mix of ambient sounds, again making footsteps less pronounced.

Weapon Changes

FTAC Recon

  • Reduced damage while in full-auto
  • Increased full-auto recoil
  • Minor headshot damage reduction

FSS Hurricane

  • Reduced damage at a distance
  • Lower headshot multiplier


  • Minor recoil increase
  • Minor headshot reduction
  • Minor hipfire spread increase


  • Minor hipfire spread increase


  • Minor hipfire spread increase


  • Minor hipfire spread increase

Lachmann Sub

  • Minimum damage reduction
  • Minor headshot damage reduction

Finally, here’s a list of all the weapons players can Gunsmith in the Modern Warfare 2 beta:

These weapons have remained the same since week one of the beta.

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