Infinity player calls out NA CS:GO teams after qualifying for IEM Rio Major Americas RMR

One of the teams who qualified for RMR were considered "idiots" in North America.

Infinity made history yesterday at the last North American CS:GO qualifier for October’s Americas Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament as they became the first team with Peruvian and Colombian players to qualify for an RMR event.

Francisco “k1Nky” Alvarez, Andrés “spamzzy1” Correa, Joel “tor1towOw” Rios, Renato “PacMan” Morales, and Bryan “Marro” Valenzuela recently moved to Mexico to have a better setup for practice and made it to Americas RMR at the expense of Peter “ptr” Gurney’s mix team.

All of them but especially Marro were happy with the achievement. The Mexican player revealed after Infinity qualified that NA CS:GO teams said they play like “idiots” and that scrimming versus Infinity was a waste of time.

“Yes, the team with which they waste time scrimming, the team that only holds W, those of us who play like idiots, those who have an advantage for having 100 ping, those who never win a best-of-three, and do not come out of advanced, yes, those are in the Americas RMR,” Marro said on Twitter.

The North American open qualifiers had six spots at Americas RMR up for grabs and two of them were taken by non-NA teams who just compete in the continent: Infinity and Team oNe, which further shows how weak the CS:GO scene in North America is nowadays following the COVID-19 pandemic and the popularity of VALORANT.

Infinity were not considered a favorite to make it to the RMR, but the move to Mexico greatly improved their results in all competitions they attended. The Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian mix will have the chance to make history once again at the Americas RMR, which will run in Sweden from Oct. 5 to 9, and try to grab one of the six IEM Rio Major spots available.

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