Incredible Aphelios Ultimate skin idea could change the game for LoL cosmetics

It's unlikely to be made, though.

An entirely new skin collection for one champion could be made if the developers embraced an intriguing idea proposed by one of the League of Legends subreddit users.

The player proposed to make a “Reverse Ultimate” skin for Aphelios, where he would reverse the roles with his sister Alune, they posted on April 27 on Reddit. As a result, Alune would be the one silently killing enemies on Summoner’s Rift, with Aphelios being the one guiding her sister from a temple far away.

The author of the discussion also posted fan art he found on the web, which showcase how Alune would possibly look like in the role of a stone-cold killer and her brother being the spirit guiding her.

In Aphelios’ lore, the champion drank poison and was left mute, not able to speak a single word. Although he was then able to receive help from his sister Alune, a member of the Lunary, who guides him from her distant temple sanctuary called The Veiled Temple.

Overall, Aphelios has received four skins (excluding the main one) since his release in 2019, so he could definitely use a new one. But while this idea is really creative and would refresh the champion like no other skin, it’s unlikely the developers actually try executing it.

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Developing such skin sounds much like a hustle, too big for the purpose of one skin only. Riot Games devs already backed off from making joint animations from Xayah and Rakan skins in February 2023. The decision was made due to too few players using the duo, even fewer with the same skins. So, if they had to make a skin that requires so much work, they’d need to be sure the interest is high and it would pay off.

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