ImperialHal hypes Apex Legends season 16 but shoots down rumors of buffs to popular character

Good things are in store for Apex.

While casual Apex Legends players and pros alike have been lukewarm on season 15, it sounds like theres good reason for positivity in the new year when the next season change comes around. At least, that seems to be the case according to TSMs ImperialHal.

While hosting his own watch party for Hyperluxes Oversight tournament series, ImperialHal was asked if he misses playing Wraith. Oh yeah, Hal replied, before going into a segue that felt significant, given the question that had just been posed to him.

Listen, I playtested, and I cannot wait for next season, Hal told his chat. Im not leaking shit. Just a positive, good note. Season 16.

Almost immediately, Hals chat jumped to the logical conclusion of following up the Wraith question by saying, unprompted, how excited the pro was to play the next season of Apex. Hal was quick to dump cold water on chat, quickly explaining that his excitement for season 16 had nothing to do with Wraith. That didnt stop his chat from wildly hoping to see a buff to one of Apexs most popular characters.

Wraith used to be as much of a staple in pro play as she still is in a Fragment building in Worlds Edge during your pub matches, quitting out of the game as soon as she gets downed. In the early days of the games pro scene, her ability to get out of trouble with her tactical ability and transport her teammates safely with her ultimate made her a must-pick for just about every major team around the world. But since that time, nerfs to both of those Wraith abilities as well as new characters with rotational utility have dropped Wraith from the pro meta almost completely.

It makes sense that chatters would want to see a Wraith buff, especially those that are fans of Hal. Wraith remains one of the games most popular characters to play for most players, and Hal was one of the best Wraiths in the world at the height of her powers. It doesnt seem that Wraith will be receiving any love in season 16 directly unless you want to get very conspiratorial and try to read between the lines of Hals comments for the truth that may or may not even be there.

As it stands, ImperialHal is excited for season 16, and that in itself should be good news for Apex players that have frequently complained about the stale state of the game over the last several seasons. With Hal often counted among the games most vocal critics, hearing the pro say he cant wait for the next season of play seems like it should spell good news for many players.

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