‘I’m the best’: MKLeo wins Ludwig’s stacked Smash Ultimate tournament with fiery bracket run

The king wears his mantle once more.

The king of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had something to say to all the doubters: People really thought I wasnt the best?

This weekend, Ludwig, a very popular YouTube streamer who has been involved in the Smash Bros scene for years hosted what many are calling one of the most-stacked invitationals the game has ha on offer in recent memory.

The tournament had amazing sets starting from the last chance qualifiers where underdogs had to prove themselves on the mainstage.

The one to win it all? Smash superstar MKLeo, of course. 

The Smash royalty decided enough was enough and closed this tournament 3-0 over Acola, a Steve prodigy from Japan. These two have managed to avoid each other in competitive tournaments they were in recently.

But the fabled set finally happened in this tournament, and it wasnt close.

The set happened twice, first in the Winner’s Semi-Final, and lastly in the Grand Finals. MKLeo won both games 3-0. In fact, he went on to win the tournament without losing a set and only losing a game to a different kind of prodigy.

Kurama, also known as Prodigy before changing his tag, was the only player to take a game off of MKLeo. Kurama came from the last-chance qualifiers which meant that he had to fight for his spot in the actual tournament.

Suffice it to say, he didnt disappoint and proved to everyone hes raw with losses only to MKLeo and Acola to take third place in the glittering Smash tournament.

Another player who came from the last-chance qualifiers was Big D, an Ice Climbers player. Ice Climbers have always been an underrepresented character in the Smash Ultimate competitive scene with Big D leading the charge, and led the charge he did.

During the Swiss Pools, he had wins over Light, Shuton, Jakal, and Riddles; all of which culminated in his 9th-place finish at the tournament.

This tournament is also MKLeos last tournament before the Smash World Tour finals in December. Hes going to take the whole of November off because of a health condition hes currently dealing with. 

The Ludwig Invitational has proven to be a tournament all Smash enthusiasts should watch. All matches were recorded, so you can just check VGBootCamp over on YouTube to watch the sets that you want.

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