‘I’m looking forward to taking my first trophy with C9 for once’: Jensen confident ahead of 2022 LCS Summer finals

The player has made it to Worlds eight years in a row.

After taking a break from the League of Legends competitive scene for six months, Jensen has returned to the LCS on Cloud9s roster. Although the team showed a relatively mediocre performance in the regular season, they have certainly impressed everyone by reaching the grand finals in the 2022 LCS Summer Split.

After winning the upper bracket finals against 100 Thieves, Jensen talked about his performance with Travis Gafford.

Jensen admitted that initially in the split, his team messed up a lot in the drafting phase, making it harder for them to execute plays. He also felt that he was not on the same page at the beginning with this team. This had impacted his performance in the earlier games where he played worse and made a lot of stupid mistakes.

But after his team qualified for the playoffs, Jensen revealed that he ramped himself up for the challenges. He wanted to play more clutch in playoffs and prepared himself accordingly. 

Moreover, he also found the rhythm to synergize with his team. I think towards the end of the regular split, we kind of figured out how we wanted to play as a team and found our identity a bit more, he said.

When asked about qualifying for Worlds for eight years in a row, Jensen replied, I think its something that people usually talk about once Worlds rolls around. Thats when they like really start to appreciate the accomplishment.

He also said that people often ignore this during the regular season and just look at his bad parts, especially when he plays like shit sometimes. He agreed with Trafford that sometimes he can be underrated, even though making it to Worlds every year is no easy task.

Regarding Team Liquids chances of not making it to Worlds this year, Jensen said, In a way, it would feel good that they wont make it to Worlds after replacing me. The whole thing felt a bit messed up to me. Still, he wished that his friends and ex-teammates out in Liquid can succeed. 

With the next stop being Chicago for the 2022 LCS Summer finals, Jensen is confident in ending the trophy drought he has with his debut team. I am looking forward to taking my first trophy with C9 for once, he said.

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