‘[I’m] hopeful that LCS can bounce back’: Bjergsen optimistic despite declining LCS viewership

Bjergsen thinks Riot and LCS players need to unite and be more creative to boost viewership.

The term LCS is dying has been reverberating across the League of Legends community since Doublelift spoke these infamous words in his Twitch stream on July 11. It earned him his second strike from Riot Games as an official co-streamer and also sparked a lengthy debate regarding the declining LCS viewership. 

Now, even Bjergsen has shared his thoughts on this hot topic. In his recent interview with Dexerto, the Team Liquid mid laner said the situation within the LCS has improved. 

Well, a lot of things have improved on the back end on the org side to become more professional and support the players in a better way, Bjergsen said, That might not reflect in the LCS viewership, but thats something that Im really happy about.

Regarding the viewership debacle, Bjergsen admits that it is not as high as a few years ago. He goes on to say that he is not the correct person to talk about it because he does not know exactly why the viewership has declined.

But he is hopeful about the future. We have had conversations with Riot. Theyre aware of it and have a lot of ideas on things they can look to change within the next few years, he said. According to him, Riot and the players need to implement creative ideas to attract peoples attention back to LCS again.

Riot is also aware of this issue and is addressing things on its front. It has tried to create a narrative that a new era has arrived through the 2022 LCS Summer Split trailer. The trailer features some of the greatest names of the LCS in the past 10 years like Doublelift, Sneaky, Scarra, Meteos, Shiphtur, Voyboy, HotshotGG, Xpecial, Balls, and LemoNation.

It provides a peek at their glorious moments and then turns to focus on the uprising names of the new era. 

With most of the distinguished names retiring from pro-play, it remains to be seen if the new blood can reinvigorate LCS to its peak again.

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