IM helps GamerLegion dismantle 9z in IEM Rio CS:GO Major opener

Europe dominated South America in their first clash at the Brazilian Major.

The European CS:GO squad of GamerLegion has completely dominated the South American mix of 9z (16-6 on Inferno) in the first round of IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage.

In the battle of two underdogs of the Challengers Stage, GamerLegion had no trouble in sweeping 9z despite all the crowd support that the South Americans had from Brazilian fans at the Riocentro venue. The Europeans set the tone of the game early on, winning eight rounds in a row as Terrorists on Inferno and leaving 9z with their backs against the wall.

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GamerLegion won the first half 14-1 off the back of their map control and how easily they got multiple first picks. That disadvantage simply left 9z with an impossible mission on their T side, and despite winning the second pistol, the South Americans didn’t really stand a chance to come back. Romanian rifler Ivan “iM” Mihai shone brightly, having finished with a 19-10 K/D ratio.

This win puts GamerLegion in the 1-0 pool of IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage’ Swiss system, while 9z are now in the 0-1 pool. These best-of-one matches will be played later today after the conclusion of the opening round.

GamerLegion are one of the organizations debuting at the Brazilian Major and are already just two victories away from the Legends Stage, whereas 9z are yet to win their first match at a Major, having lost all their three matches at PGL Antwerp Major.

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