IiTzTimmy predicts 2 heavyweight Apex legends are going to take over in season 16

Winds of change are coming to Apex.

Apex Legends‘ Season 16 is just around the corner, and it’s bringing major changes to the game.

New class passives will be added to all Legends, and heavy balance changes will adjust both characters and items alongside the upcoming season.

Now that the official patch notes have been revealed by the developer, fans and experts are speculating on who will become dominant in the meta and help them win more matches.

Competitive Apex player iiTzTimmy has given his predictions on Season 16’s meta in a new video, mentioning Legend combos that might dominate the game’s ladder, and two specific Legends, Gibraltar and Newcastle, will be sure-fire picks in the meta.

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“Youll see Watson/Newcastle in the comp, or like Gibraltar/Caustic with obviously like a Skirmisher or Assault [Legend],” he said in the video. “Its going to be coolI think this meta will shift a lot.”

This prediction highlights the importance of class variety in the next season. In essence, iiTzTimmy explained he expects to see a lot of teams made of one Controller, one Support, and one aggressive Legend (from the Skirmisher or Assault category) in Season 16.

It makes sense that one controller per team might be a go-to strategy in the upcoming season, which means most of them could include either Caustic, Wattson, Catalyst, or Rampart. They’re vital to determine a team’s strategy in a match since they have the ability to reveal next rings.

Supports will become even more vital in a team, though. They’ll have the ability to respawn dead teammates even after their banner has disappeared: they’ll be able to craft banners at Replicators. This will be life-changing, as an expired banner no longer means the definitive end of the match for dead players. Here is the list of new all class’ passives and characters in Season 16.

“Gibby and Newcastle are gonna be in meta,” iiTzTimmy added, referring to Support characters. None of the Supports, which also include Lifeline and Loba, were hit by balance changes.

But with the new meta, Loba might struggle to remain relevant, as several class passives rival with hers. Lifeline, on the other side, was nerfed to the ground several months ago. This would mean Gibraltar and Newcastle have the most chance of becoming the strongest Support characters in Season 16.

In any case, the new classes might greatly help players better determine what exactly will be their roles in their team, therefore naturally improving team synergy.

Apex Legends‘ season 16 will launch on Feb. 14.

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