‘If TSM does good, it’s because of me’: HisWattson takes credit for TSM signing raven

Some banter mixed in with some nuggets of truth.

While hes clearly not always being serious, Furia IGL Jacob HisWattson McMillin is never one thats afraid to stir the pot. From an Apex Legends Global Series Championship performance that quite literally changed how the game is played at its highest levels to impression farming on Twitter, people tend to take notice whenever he weighs in.

That apparently includes TSM and raven, their new coach. While ravens only just begun his tenure with the most popular squad in Apex, we can already see a much more aggressive style of play coming out of TSM, featuring team compositions that revolve around gathering information during fights and producing massive damage potential. Thats fairly similar to the style that earned Furia second place at the ALGS Championship. And according to HisWattson, TSM only has raven because he told raven to take the TSM gig.


If TSM does good, its because of me, HisWattson told his stream matter of factly after claiming responsibility for convincing raven to accept TSMs coaching offer. 

Its unclear just how serious HisWattson is being. The Furia players and raven can frequently be seen joking around with each other on social media, and raven has said in the past that he is friends with the Furia players. But Furia also has a sometimes-friendly, sometimes not-so-friendly rivalry with TSM, so while it may be true that HisWattson advised raven to take the TSM deal, its equally true that this is a great way to needle TSMs players once again with some banter.

Regardless, all of this banter seems mostly friendly and is certainly friendlier than other times hes engaged in trash talk with fellow pro players in the past. But even if this is all sarcasm and joking around, its impossible to look at pro Apex now and not see how different its become from the game most teams played even a couple months ago.

Where most teams went into the ALGS Championship relying heavily on Gibraltar compositions, Seer now dominates the pro meta, and most teams attempt to fight early and often as opposed to safely trying to navigate to the final circles. 

Like it or not, a large part of that is the influence of HisWattson, alongside his teammates Xeratricky, Pandxrz, and Furia coach SeaLion. Right now, Furia can claim responsibility for just about any team finding success running aggressive compositions revolving around Seer.

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