If it ain’t broke: ZywOo has surprise approach to CS:GO solo practice that is clearly working

And you can do it too!

Mathieu ZywOo Herbaut might eventually be the best player to ever touch CS:GO, and we as viewers might be able to learn a thing or two from his unique training methods. While every other pro player in the world spends hours in aim-training lobbies, the French superstar seems to have a different tactic.

“I don’t have an individual practice [routine], actually,” Zywoo said in an interview with Dust 2 Brasil, casually blowing up the minds of every CS:GO player across the globe. 

ZywOos skills dont come from the aim lab grind, but instead from just jumping into a match. While players spend hours in deathmatch, the two-time best CounterStrike star says he prefers to play FACEIT to sharp my individual [skills]. 

To unwind, ZywOo really [likes] to play some surf, KZ, or play for fun. The mans as cool as a cucumber, and it seems the various other community-made modes are the secret to his incredibly sharp aim.

Lets not forget, ZywOo was born to play Counter-Strike. The French star came into this world the same day CS:GO was released, meaning we may never be able to attain the skills or craftsmanship ZywOo has developed over his lifetime.

Other CS:GO pros should watch out for the day he does jump into a death match to practicemaybe he’s got a whole other level to hit once he starts solo training.

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