IEM Rio observer gets BSOD amid players’ concerns with ESL tech issues during Major 

Not like this.

Everybody at home thought their PC had unexpectedly shut down after the IEM Rio CS:GO Major observer experienced the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error amid the broadcast of OG vs. Vitality today in the Challengers Stage.

The match was in the sixth round of Dust II when the broadcast sound began to fail and the BSOD popped up. It took five seconds for the game screen to come back, but in the meantime, spectators likely thought that it was their PC that had just experienced a BSOD.

This unexpected crash during the broadcast of OG vs. Vitality comes at a time when ESL’s production of the IEM Rio Major has already been questioned by players like OG’s AWPer Abdulkhalik “degster” Gasanov, who faced technical issues during a match. There’s a total of five episodes of players freezing or disconnecting during an IEM Rio Major match so far.

This is a problem for the IEM Rio Major organizer since the competition will still go on until Nov. 13 and such issues continue to rack up. ESL told that it “already applied fixes for past issues and is continuously running through several tests with a dedicated team for anything new in order to diagnose and resolve it as soon as possible” after degster criticized the tournament.

The Challengers Stage of the IEM Rio Major will finalize today and the $1.25 million CS:GO tournament will enter a one-day hiatus tomorrow so teams can prepare for Legends Stage, giving ESL a little extra time to check the PCs used by players.

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