iDubbbz confirms Valkyrae has “shown interest” in next Creator Clash

Valkyrae looks to step into the squared circle.

Following the conclusion of iDubbbz’s influencer boxing event, Creator Clash, a wide variety of streamers and fellow content creators publicly considered stepping into the ring. Popular YouTube streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae has been among the most vocal about potentially fighting on a future card.

In an interview with Dexerto, iDubbbz seemed to confirm that contact had been made with Valkyrae, though ultimately her decision on whether to fight or not is still unclear. “I’m not sure what her decision is,” iDubbbz told Dexerto, leaving open the possibility of Valkyrae participating in some of his future cards.

The YouTuber also confirmed to Dexerto that several more female creators and influencers reached out to him, expressing interest in participating in the next Creator Clash. A historic event in more than one sense, Creator Clash was the first event to feature a female influencer boxing match. In one of the most tense fights of the night, Twitch streamer JustaMinx won after a brutal fight against TikTok star Yodeling Haley. After the success of the fight, iDubbbz and his wife Anisa, who co-organized the first Creator Clash, have been vocal about wanting more female fighters to participate in their next card.

The first influencer boxing event hosted by iDubbbz and Anisa sent waves throughout the influencer space. With over 100,000 PPV purchases and in front of a sold out arena in Tampa Bay, Florida, eighteen creators made their boxing debuts. In the week following Creator Clash, iDubbbz stayed busy, posting about filling out the next fighter card and fielding requests from across the content spectrum. As iDubbbz told Dexerto, this includes everything from streamers like Valkyrae to people working in animation.

While we can only wait and see if Creator Clash’s next fight card will include Valkyrae, the event seems to have no problem fielding talent for its next fight.

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