Iceiceice opens up about being kicked from Team Secret’s Dota 2 roster

"Time grinds even mountains to dust."

Iceiceice has returned to his home region (SEA) after playing in North America and Europe. The offlaner was recently released from Team Secret’s Dota 2 roster. Iceiceice has picked up streaming again after his SEA return and shared his experiences on Team Secret with his viewers.

Despite learning a lot from his time on Team Secret, Iceiceice felt that he would get kicked from Team Secret if they couldn’t qualify for the Arlington Major. At the end of the third tour of the Western European DPC, Team Secret were tied with Team Entity for the last Major spot. Team Secret began the series with a good start after a 52-minute win in the first match but failed to keep up their form in the last two matches, conceding the Major spot to Entity.

Shortly after the blunder in the DPC tiebreakers, Team Secret were scheduled to participate in the Riyadh Masters tournament, where Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok was a stand-in for Iceiceice. Team Secret officially welcomed Resolut1on to the roster while bidding farewell to Iceiceice at the beginning of August.

Iceiceice further commented on his departure by saying that he learned a lot from Puppey during his time on the team and he was OK with parting ways with the squad since he was happy to experience “what goes on, on this side of the world.” The offlaner also added that he started struggling within the team after Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat took an extended break due to health issues. Team Secret filled in YapzOr’s gap with Baqyt “Zayac” Emiljanov, who Iceiceice said he couldn’t communicate effectively with due to language barriers.

Before wrapping up the discussion, Iceiceice wished his teammates well as a friend but added that he’d also enjoy seeing them fail as it would bring him “great joy” as a competitor.

The veteran offlaner had one of the roughest Dota 2 seasons of his career, where he wasn’t able to attend any Major events. Though the last DPC season was hard on Iceiceice, he will be embarking on a new journey in his home region with Team SMG.

Iceiceice’s new team won’t be competing in The International 2022 qualifiers due to their roster not signing up in time, but Iceiceice still hopes to become a part of TI11 as a guest or an analyst.

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