Iceiceice is the secret star of TI11, and he isn’t even playing Dota

Iceiceice just makes every event better.

Daryl iceiceice Koh couldn’t find the working formula that would get him to The International 2022 this year, but he still made it to the event. Despite being away from the competition, iceiceice has been creating some excellent content for the viewers at TI11, stealing the show from the players whenever hes on the screen.

Throughout the event, iceiceice appeared in multiple skits where he got to help Puppey with his faulty headset by throwing it at the wall, or draw Roshan in the most perfect way possible. In addition to pumping out quality shorts, iceiceice also had a section with PyrionFlax for the Late Game show as the two visited the Ice Cream Museum in Singapore.

Shortly after meeting at the museum entrance, the duo entered inside and ordered a pair of apple pie ice cream, iceiceices favorite. The iconic offlaner sat down with Flax, where he got to answer a few Dota-related questions.

Flax asked iceiceice the craziest Dota player hes played with outside of the game. Without hesitation, iceiceice said it was Puppey, as the TI all-timer once approached him while cooking breakfast with a machete.

Why are you making breakfast? Puppey said to iceiceice whilst in his boxers. Go play Dota instead.

The short exchange between the two players sent iceiceice flying back to his computer and resume training. Though iceiceices efforts to make it to TI11 didnt pay off this year, the veteran offlaner is still enjoying his time at the event while also making everyones day with the timeless content hes been creating with Valve.

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