iBDW goes back-to-back, wins Melee title at Smash Summit 13

He becomes the first back-to-back winner since Armada.

For the first time since Armadas legendary four-straight wins at the events inception, Smash Summit has a back-to-back champion in iBDW after he successfully outdueled Plup 3-2 in Summit-first Fox-only grand finals. 

The Panda-sponsored duo actually came out of the same pool, but Plup forfeited his final set where he would have faced iBDW due to the event being delayed following multiple positive COVID-19 tests within the venue and the veteran player wanting to ensure he was healthy

Even with the early stages of the event facing unexpected delays, the main bracket was full of top-level Super Smash Bros. Melee action, including multiple upsets. The biggest of which was Jmook continuing his hot streak from Genesis 8, getting a 3-1 win over Leffen and doing the same to Zain later on, eliminating the current top player in the world from the event. 

Most of the top players who gave comments after their matches spent at least a little time shouting out Jmooks recent rise to power and vouching for him to potential sponsorswhich could end up with FlyQuest adding another Smasher to their lineup. 

Two other standout outcomes from the losers bracket include Leffen being swept by lloD, marking the first time he has lost to Peach since facing similar results at the hands of Armada at Beauty 9 in December 2014. Additionally, KoDoRiN beat Mang0 3-2, eliminating him in a tie for ninth, which marks the third straight event he did not make top eight. 

IBDW cleaned house during his run, only dropping single games to n0ne, Jmook, and Hungrybox on his way to the grand finals. 

Jmook fell just short of making his second straight top-three appearance at a Major, losing a 3-1 series against his fellow Shiek player Plup, though he only used Fox during their set. That excellent Fox play continued as he took down Hbox 3-2 and took an early 2-0 lead against iBDW in the finals, before getting reverse swept. 

Following his back-to-back Summit victory, iBDW dedicated the emotional win to his father, who is in the late stages of his battle with cancer.

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