Ibai’s LEC co-stream debut breaks 6-figure viewership mark during KOI’s first LEC Winter game

LEC could extend its co-stream program to other languages.

The co-streaming program initiated by Riot Games for the 2023 LEC season bore its fruits right away with KOIs channel reaching over 100,000 peak viewers. During the organizations first game in the LEC, KOIs co-stream was almost only 40,000 viewers away from tying with the official League of Legends EMEAs broadcast on the purple platform. 

Hosted on its owner’s Twitch channel and in Spanish, KOIs co-stream quickly gained viewers as the team was to win their first game in the LEC against BDS. With the players closing on team BDSs nexus, the channel breached the 100K viewers and went beyond, as seen on Streamcharts website. The stream was almost immediately shut after the game, redirecting its followers to the official channel for all League competitions in Spanish. 

Earlier this month the LEC announced the start of a trial co-streaming program with the latest organizations joining the league. Team Heretics and KOI began airing the European competition in Spanish as soon as the competition started, and the latter reached significant numbers right from the start. And while Team Heretics channel was successful, it did not reach the same heights as KOIs even during the teams game against Astralis.  

This pilot initiative of the competitions co-streams involved only two teams, the LEC said to be open to expanding the program to organizations, and therefore more languages, provided the co-streams are successful.

With both Team Heretics and KOI having just started their journey, the LEC and its fans can expect these co-stream numbers to grow further. This could be most likely during matches with higher stakes or against powerhouses. League fans can check the schedule and watch the LEC 2023 Winter Split on the lolesports website

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