‘I was feeling dizzy’: Keria addresses LCK fans’ concerns regarding his health after DWG KIA series

Keria weathered dizziness to help T1 win an intense semifinal series against DWG KIA.

T1 booked their spot in the 2022 LCK Summer grand finals by beating DWG KIA 3-2 in the semifinals on Aug. 21. But after the series ended, many League of Legends fans noticed Keria looked unwell.

In a recent interview with Korizons Ashley Kang, Keria talked about his health and how it has affected his gameplay. He said, Around the middle of the summer season, must have been around July, I suddenly started feeling unwell, to the point that it was impacting my daily life.

Keria further elaborated, My brain would suddenly go into haze, or I would feel dizzy. It would happen a lot. 

The support player wished the series against DWG would end as quickly as possible. If the series extended until game five, he might end up having a really difficult time, he said. While T1 was able to win the first two games, Kerias wish was still unfulfilled as DWG managed to come back and take the next two games.

Keria admitted that he was having a really tough time by the point game five began. He was feeling dizzy but he somehow managed to focus on the game. We saw him perform brilliantly as he even managed to steal a Baron from DWG. Still, he said it was more about luck than skill and the steal was him getting really lucky at the moment.

After T1 won the series and Keria dropped his focus, all the dizziness suddenly rushed over him. He explained that this might be the reason he looked so ill on the facecam after the game ended.

Regarding his thoughts on the upcoming finals in Gangneung, South Korea, Keria said his team has a good chance of winning the series against Gen.G. When asked about his pledge if he wins the LCK finals, Keria responded that he might do a k-pop idol dance. He has been following this k-pop group called TOMMOROW x TOGETHER and wishes to do a 5-10 second long dance on the highlight moment of their song. 

Many fans will be looking forward to his performance in the grand finals as T1 takes on Gen.G on Aug. 28.

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