‘I party with whoever the f*** I want’: G2 Carlos derides public backlash after partying with Andrew Tate

G2 owner doubles down after featuring the Tate brothers.

The founder and chief executive officer of G2 Esports is facing community backlash after posting a video of himself partying alongside controversial figures Andrew and Tristan Tate.

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer, reality TV star, and online entrepreneur that rapidly gained notoriety and infamy in Aug. 2022. Rising as a trending creator, Tate’s often-controversial views regarding women, relationships, and the COVID-19 pandemic were viewed by millions as his content spread across social media platforms. Criticized for his misogynistic world view, Tate was also called out for his online course series dubbed “Hustler University,” which many creators deemed a multi-level marketing scheme.

Just as quickly as he grew, Tate soon fel,l as the creator was gradually banned from almost every major social media platform his presence was notably felt in. After initially being banned from Facebook and Instagram, the Tate brother was soon banned from YouTube, TikTok, and opted to take down his Twitch channel himself.

Though forcibly dormant across his various social media platforms, Andrew Tate was spotted on G2 founder Carlos Rodríguez’s Twitter account. Both Andrew and Tristan Tate were visible in an eight-second clip, holding bottles in what appeared to be a club setting.

Carlos’ video almost immediately elicited backlash from fans and outside onlookers alike. Many Twitter users in his replies voiced their disapproval of the esports figure platforming the controversial Tate brother. Others replied with far more condemnable allegations made against Tate, such as the figure’s ongoing human trafficking investigation.

Hours after his initial post, Carlos addressed the backlash his video incited and defended his affiliation with the Tate brothers. “Nobody will ever be able to police my friendships,” the esports team owner wrote, “I draw my line here. I party with whoever the fuck I want.”

The former League of Legends pro’s decision to double down on his supposed relationship with the Tates only fueled the conflict further. Notably, LEC caster Medic insinuated that Carlos likely predicted the harsh community reaction, vehemently condemning G2’s owner for posting “engagement bait.”

More reactions from both the immediate LEC community and wider esports spectrum continue to roll into Carlos’ replies, either shocked or simply in disapproval of Carlos’ actions and words.

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