‘I don’t think pro players get to complain’: Neon explains why League pros have it good

Neon responded to Vulcan.

Another year at Worlds, another year of North American teams not making out of groups. The last time NA made it out of the group stage of the League of Legends World Championship was in 2018 with Cloud9. Since there are no two ways about this, fans have been criticizing American pro players mercilessly. Frustrated by fans, Philippe Vulcan Laflamme shared his thoughts on Twitter and onset a chain reaction, with Matúš Neon Jakubčík responding to this. 

Discussing the topic during his recent stream, Neon explained that pro players dont get to complain since they have a three-month-long offseason. Since they dont have to work during this period, they have it good. 


Its really funny when League pros compare their jobs and say how hard they are working, when you have legit three months of offseason where, in theory, you dont have to work. So, its like, I dont think pro players get to complain their work is too hard, Neon explained.

This whole drama started on Nov. 12, when Vulcan responded to fans ceaselessly flaming NA pros. In his Tweet, Vulcan mocks the large majority of the League fanbase that believes it has a right to criticize and ridicule pro players.

Wanting to give more context on this crude tweet, a day later, Vulcan shared a post explaining that he got worked up over this because the fans deemed the entire region as lazy gamers that dont want to put the work in. He further explained how pros practice the entire year around, and an average player simply cant understand whats like. 

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