‘I don’t care’: Tyler1 responds to LoL griefing accusations

He's not phased.

Tyler1, one of the most popular League of Legends streamers, was caught griefing on May 8. The content creator was quick to respond to the accusations, and in his eyes, he had plenty of reasons to behave the way he did.

On his May 8 broadcast, Tyler1 explained he asked his team to ban Draven in champion select, with Aphelios supposedly banning nothing. As a result, the champion was picked by the enemy bot lane, causing Tyler1 to grief the game.

“I don’t care about it,” Tyler1 said. “This game, in champ select… told anybody ‘ban Draven,’ my Aphelios banned nothing, they [enemies] locked in Draven, gg, let’s have fun… Ban griefing, or fuck off, losers.”


The match itself was recorded by one of the players on Tyler1’s team. They explained the streamer sold his items, used Flash without any reason, and pointlessly wandered around the map saying “enjoy loss” two minutes into the game.

While this attitude could be easily called griefing and therefore could be punishable, the League community admitted the streamer probably won’t face any consequences. Players on Reddit underlined how big of a content creator Tyler1 is, and Riot Games would be shooting itself in the foot if it banned him.

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“I mean Ill say the same as last time, there are zero consequences for him. As ‘mad’ as he said Riot is at him, he has them by the balls, and theyre basically just impotent to do anything about it. Either willingly or unwillingly they do turn a blind eye to his accounts,” one of the top comments reads.

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