Huni opens up about wrist injury and decision to step down from TSM starting lineup: ‘My body is just telling me you should really stop’

The veteran top laner was forced to step back from the game due to injury earlier this week.

TSM top laner Huni discussed his recent injury at length in an episode of TSM Legends released earlier today. TSM Legends is the organizations self-produced documentary series following its League of Legends team. 

In the episode, Huni revealed he has been struggling with wrist injuries since 2016, but recent developments to his personal health ultimately caused him to make the decision to step away from the TSM lineup. 

Its been hurting always, basically, but the thing is, the term of the hurting, the time, was in 2016, like two times in a year, Huni said in the episode. But these days, Id describe it as there are more days that its hurting my wrist. So, the decision not to play anymore and why I decided to step down, my body is just telling me: you should really stop it and it really blows. 

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Following Hunis decision to prioritize his health and step down from the lineup, TSM announced that the organizations Academy-level top laner S0ul will be taking his place on the lineup. Beyond S0ul, TSM also made a swap in the bottom lane, bringing up AD carry Instinct to the main squad in place of Tactical, and signing support player Chime from Golden Guardians. 

Huni confirmed hes sticking around to help S0ul by passing on his knowledge of top lane matchups and pieces of game knowledge. Huni specifically mentioned that his up-to-date knowledge of the League meta will help S0ul transition into a starting role. Im really fresh, Huni said. Im the one whos going to be the most fresh. Im the man that just stopped playing. I was just playing in the LCS, I was just a professional gamer.

TSM are in the midst of riding a three-game losing streak and are 2-5 in the 2022 LCS Summer Split. They are one game out of a share of last place alongside Immortals. Both Instinct and S0ul will be making their LCS debuts this weekend as the team makes an attempt to strengthen their chances at securing an LCS playoff berth. This summer, eight of the 10 teams in the league will qualify for the playoffs. Last split, TSM failed to clinch a playoff seed for the first time in franchise history

TSM will return to the LCS stage this Saturday, July 16, for a game with longtime rivals Cloud9. 

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