Huni finds new home in the LCK for 2023 after retiring from League pro play

The master of Holo Holo is back.

A familiar face will join the Korean casting and analyst desk for the 2023 LCK season. Former TSM top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon has become an analyst for Riot Games and is confirmed to be appearing on the LCK broadcast this season after an announcement video was shared by the LCK Global Youtube channel.

The announcement video, called ‘Reborn Caster’ was a nice gag created by the LCK team, filming a parody of the recently ended Korean Drama ‘Reborn Rich.’

Do-Huni is the protagonist of the drama that reincarnates as the kid of the rich family that killed him prior to the revival. The characters and the acting in the video resemble the scenes in the Korean drama, which has gotten great recognition among Korean fans.

Huni is not only one of the most charismatic personalities in League, but he also boasts a long and great career in esports which started back in 2014 2014. After beginning as a trainee on Samsung Galaxy, Huni went on to make his name in the western world, playing for Fnatic where he achieved the first-ever perfect split, and then on Immortals.

Later he returned to SKT Telecom T1 in 2017, finishing second at Worlds. After three years of consecutive success, Huni faced a major drop in performance, spending the remaining years in the LCS fighting in the mid-pack of the standings.

Last year, Huni retired from professional play following some major wrist injuries that saw him step down from a starting position on TSM.

In the retirement video, Huni mentioned he would be still working in the wider League industry, and he now will be commentating on LCK matches going forward in 2023.

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