Hungrybox, Liquid are breathing new life into Smash’s online scene with Coinbox 2023 Series

Ultimate and Melee online continues to grow.

Hungrybox has been teasing a new development for his Coinbox series of online Super Smash Bros. events, and now Team Liquid and Coinbase are helping him take what has become a staple of online Smash competitions to a new level.

The Coinbox 2023 Series will add Melee to its lineup for the first time, embracing the Slippi mod the community developed to give world-class online play to the 21-year-old gameincluding a ranked mode that launched in December.

Hbox and his tournament partners will now rotate between Ultimate and Melee every week and they’re upping the stakes too: Starting with The Coinbox #48, the first Melee Coinbox ever, every Coinbox event will feature a $3,000 prize pool. That means every month there will be two Melee and two Ultimate tournaments hosted entirely online with a sizable prize pool and free entry up to the player cap.

The Coinbox started in its current form back in Feb. 2022, after expanding off of The Box tournament series, and ran on and off throughout the year, becoming one of the most frequent online battlegrounds for new and old Ultimate players to grind.

It also became a way for Hbox to provide upcoming talent in terms of players and commentators to showcase themselves in a major way without having to travelsomething that has benefited the community overall.

Now that same approach is being applied to Melee as the Coinbox becomes a weekly feature in the online space. You can find all of the rules, details, and requirements to compete or watch the event on the official Coinbox page.

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