How well do you know VALORANT maps? This browser game will test you

Can you find where you are on Alpha and Omega Earth?

If you’re looking for more ways to put your VALORANT knowledge to the test, look no further than this new browser game that will have you scratching your head and rethinking your map awareness.

If you’re familiar with Geoguessr, you’ll know exactly how ValorGuessr works. The game, which was released in late April as a browser game, drops you in a random location on a VALORANT map and asks you to point out exactly where you’re standing. The catch is you have to figure it out in as few guesses as possible.

ValorGuessr runs right in your internet browser, so there’s no need to download any extra applications. You can play the VALORANT guessing game for free here.

The main difference between ValorGuessr and Geoguessr is in the former, you can’t move around once you have been set in a location. You’ll have to guess your precise location based on just one view.

The game was made by a member of the VALORANT community, so it is still a work in progress. The game has a few known issues you should be aware of before diving in.

First of all, the game’s creator has put a disclaimer up that ValorGuessr won’t run as well on smaller screens. So if you’re playing on a smaller laptop, a tablet, or a phone, the game will likely not perform well. In addition, some other issues have been brought up on a Reddit thread made by the game’s creator. These include issues with image loading times and some UI concerns. The creator has responded to almost every comment, though, and will be working on fixing the game and making improvements.

For now, go check out your VALORANT map knowledge for yourself! Whether you win or not, you’ll find out if it might be time to touch some grass after all.

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