How to watch Summer Games Done Quick 2022

Games Done Quick is heading back to in-person events in 2022.

The Summer Games Done Quick schedule has been made available to the public and fans are gearing up to watch their favorite speedrunners in person for the 2022 event.

SGDW starts on June 26 and runs until July 3. A plethora of games are scheduled for the week-long event, including older games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Spyro the Dragon and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, and some new ones like Tunic, Elden Ring, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

All of the games, including the times for each playthrough, and the runners and hosts can be found on the GDQ website. The event will be held in person this year for the first time since Awesome Games Done Quick in 2020. It will take place in Bloomington, Minnesota, and will require COVID-19 vaccinations and for masks to be worn at all times. Registration to attend the event in person is available until May 23.

For those who don’t want to travel, the GDQ streams will allow players from around the world to watch the event. Streams will take place on the GDQ Twitch channel so that those who couldn’t attend in person can still watch the action.

For those new to GDQ, it is a series of charity video game marathons in which gamers run through games as fast as they can and raise money for charity while doing it. In its nine-year existence, GDQ has partnered with many charities, including Doctors Without Borders and Prevent Cancer Foundation, among others. To date, GDQ has raised over $34 million for charity.

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