How to unlock the free Secret Sledge pickaxe in Fortnite

Help The Origin complete his plan over the next week

Fortnite is constantly introducing new events with cosmetics that only a select group of players can unlock during that period. For example, the game has added covert time-limited challenges to help The Seven in the war. In addition, players will also earn experience for each challenge and unlock the free Pickaxe once all the challenges are complete.

Four quests are spread out in different stages that the player will have to complete as they’re released. The quests are coming to Fortnite every couple of days, with the first being revealed on April 22 and the second coming on April 26.

The first quest asked players to prove their worthiness for the mission ahead by getting 10 kills in the Zero Build mode. Players who can do that will have earned The Origin’s trust and will qualify for the other missions down the road.

When The Origin sends players on the next quest, they’ll be asked to collect some compromised intel after it was leaked from the Imagined Order’s database. Players will retrieve this info, and The Seven will use it to get the upper hand ahead of the next quest. There are still two more objectives before anyone can unlock the free item.

These Covert Ops quests are limited-time events, and players who miss out on them won’t be able to get the sledgehammer Pickaxe anytime soon. The Covert Ops quest event is expected to run from April 22 to May 2nd, and players will need to help The Seven take down the Imagined Order to decide the fate of the Zero Point.

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