How to unlock Crown missions in DMZ

Heavy is the crown, but plentiful are the rewards.

For DMZ players in Call of Duty, season two represents a fresh start. In addition to a new location to explore, players will have their faction missions refreshed and their contraband/key stashes wiped but can now get to work filling those back up.

While faction missions are refreshing, players will not lose the permanent rewards they unlocked by completing season one missions but will have the opportunity to earn new rewards. They can even do so with a new faction, Crown.

Completing Crown missions will reward new permanent unlocks like weapon blueprints and calling cards. But you’ll need to put in some groundwork first, as well as meet one crucial requirement.

How to access Crown faction missions in DMZ

Before you even start attempting to unlock Crown missions, you should know that Crown faction missions are only available to Modern Warfare 2 owners. You have to own MW2 to even unlock them.

If you are an MW2 owner, you can unlock the first tier of Crown missions by completing the final mission of the first tier of White Lotus faction missions.

White Lotus is the starting set of faction missions, and you will have to complete the first tier story mission, Stronghold Reacquisition, to unlock Crown. Completing this mission will also unlock the first tier of Legion faction missions, and it is also part of the requirements for unlocking the Black Mous faction missions.

Screengrab via Activision

You will need to unlock Stronghold Reacquisition first by completing any five of the six available tier one White Lotus missions:

  • Make Contact
  • Hostiles Located
  • Cashier
  • Information Seeker
  • Convenience
  • Committed Shopper

Completing any one of these will also earn you XP and some additional rewards. You can have up to three missions selected at once, which makes them active during a DMZ match.

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